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Multiple Personality Disorder Splits My Tweets

[Cross posted to LewisPerdue.Com and WineIndustryInsight.Com and  for good reason …. read on] My current Twitter followers know me for my book writing Lewis (@lewisperdue) or because I’m the editor/publisher of Wine Industry Insight (@Vinoindustry). I’ve been meaning to let followers know about the @lewisperdue handle, but I’ve been lazy, partly because people in […]

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How Stealth Corporate Influence Corrupts Science

The Stealth Syndromes project relies primarily on original source information that the two founders gather from peer-reviewed scientific publications or from their own research. We do not usually rely on articles in the popular media because they tend to be incomplete, flawed, badly sourced, and (all too often) biased in obvious ways. The following piece, […]

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