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Mass(k) Confusion: Some masks ARE useful for COVID-19 prevention. Here’s how to tell which one is best for you. (And the science of why)

It’s important to realize that hand to face contact is a serious avenue of infection spread which is best addressed by frequent hand washing and avoiding face touching. However, the Coronavirus can spread through the air, through aerosols or contaminated dust particles. Early on in the pandemic, experts were adamant that masks were not effective […]

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Updated 4/18/20 – How 2 Billion pennies explain why social distancing is so vital to defeating COVID-19 (And not killing Grandma)

Note: This article was updated April 18, 2020 These two exponential/geometric growth  charts look a lot alike. But they represent two very different things. To understand, first imagine you are owed a great debt. The person who owes you money gives you a choice, but you have to respond right then. Choice #1: $1 million […]

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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Face masks actually CAN help. Also beware the threats from restroom hand dryers, poop & toilet flushing

Note: proper-frequent hand-washing and other public health warnings should be followed, but there exist other significant considerations that can add to those. Several of those, are below, along with links to peer-reviewed scientific papers (and a couple of well-sourced articles from the media and government sources) H0w masks can help protect you against COVID-19 Like […]

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