INDEX: Why You Can’t Trust Government Science

  1. Why You Can’t Trust Corporate & Federal Regulatory “Science”
  2. “Good Laboratory Practices (GLP):” Obsolete Regulatory Science That Jeopardizes Public Health
  3. GLP: Federal Regulation’s Buggy Whip Science
  4. Old Ideas, Old Science Cripple Federal Regulation
  5. Federal Protocols Offer Many Opportunities To Bias Science
  6. Secret Chemicals: What The Government Won’t Tell You, Can Kill
  7. Private Science For Hire: Poster Children For Un-trustworthy Science
  8. Scientific Fraud: Laundering Money & People
  9. Just Because The FDA Says Something’s Safe Doesn’t Mean It Is
  10. Science Funding: Sponsors Get The Results They Pay For
  11. People Trust Scientists, Mistrust Government, Corporations
  12. Private Peer Review Like A Crooked Science Fair
  13. Original Sources: 84,000 Legal Chemicals. Fewer Than 200 Tested. Only 5 Ever Banned. Here’s Where Those Numbers Come From
  14. Toxic Science: Fiddling Facts For Profit & Legal Leverage
  15. Bad Science Thrives When Corporations & Government Regulators Deny Peer Review
  16. How-To Skew Experiment Design To Produce Predictable Results
  17. A Lack Of Ethics: Covertly Stretching “Peer Review” Until It Breaks
  18. Hoodwinking Whole Foods, Stonewalling Thermos
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