Archive | May, 2016

Heat Shock Protein Hsp27 points to causal link between BPA and cancer & chemotherapy resistance

NOTE: This is a case study using a new precision paradigm on how to assess risks of environmental chemicals by reliance on the pharmaceutical development process and its science. More about that new paradigm at: Precision evaluation of environmental chemical risk assessment The development of a cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy has become a disheartening and […]

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Precision evaluation of environmental chemical risk assessment: Using existing pharmaceutical evaluation results as a more accurate paradigm

The PharmBlocker: A new paradigm in assessing the risks of environmental chemicals PharmBlocker: An environmental chemical which acts on the identical cellular process as a pharmaceutical, but in a manner that decreases the effectiveness of the drug therapy. In plain words: If a substance is causal enough to investigate as a pharmaceutical, then it is […]

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