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The Hidden Hitches In Dry January/Mediterranean Diet Plans

By Lewis PerdueChief Scientist and ChairmanCenter for Research on Environmental Chemicals in HumansThis article is copyright 2024. Please Email the author if you wish to republish this entire article. Updated, January 15, 2024 THE BIG PICTURE — A Dry January or Mediterranean Diet can be a useful exercises for those who feel they have need […]

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Acetaldehyde And The “Asian Flush”

Not everyone has the ability to easily and quickly metabolize Acetaldehyde into harmless acetates. Approximately 560 million people in the world, mostly of East Asian descent, experience an unpleasant reaction commonly called the “Asian Flush.” People with these polymorphisms experience unpleasant symptoms when they drink alcohol. Symptoms include reddening of skin on the face, neck […]

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