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The Hallmarks of Cancer in a Nutshell

The “Hallmarks of Cancer” were described for the first time in 2008 (and updated in 2011), as the subject of a landmark paper written by research scientists Douglas Hanahan and Robert A. Weinberg and published in the prestigious scientific journal Cell. The 2008 “Hallmarks of Cancer” paper defined six rules of interlocking processes that fed […]

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Cancer: The Perfect Storm On Planet You

This is Part 1 of 2 articles. Part 2 can be accessed here: Cancer And Voldemort: 10 Horcruxes To Disaster Most cancers are years in the making and require repeated damage to your cells to become malignant. Your body is strong and robust. And like a well-armored battleship which can shake off one torpedo…or two […]

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Strongest Evidence Yet Between BPA and Thyroid Cancer

Most studies to date have offered equivocal links between BPA and cancer, using terms like “associated with” and “linked to.” These vague connections fail to alert consumers to the actual connections. However, the original research we did at our old, proog-of-concept site, Nano-Active discovered solid, causal connections. This post is from the first connection we […]

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