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Lewis Perdue, Co-Founder

William Lewis Perdue IIICo-Principal Investigator, Stealth Syndromes Study Education B.S., Communications & Biology (Ecology, Evolution & Systematics), With Distinction, Cornell University, 1972 A.S., Math & Science, (1st in class, 1st ever 4.0 graduation GPA), State University of New York (SUNY)/Corning Community College, 1970 Fellowship, Aerospace Engineering, Mississippi State University, summer 1966 Internship, Westinghouse Electric (Nuclear […]

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Strongest Evidence Yet Between BPA and Thyroid Cancer

Most studies to date have offered equivocal links between BPA and cancer, using terms like “associated with” and “linked to.” These vague connections fail to alert consumers to the actual connections. However, the original research we did at our old, proog-of-concept site, Nano-Active discovered solid, causal connections. This post is from the first connection we […]

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