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The Hallmarks of Cancer in a Nutshell

The “Hallmarks of Cancer” were described for the first time in 2008 (and updated in 2011), as the subject of a landmark paper written by research scientists Douglas Hanahan and Robert A. Weinberg and published in the prestigious scientific journal Cell. The 2008 “Hallmarks of Cancer” paper defined six rules of interlocking processes that fed […]

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This is why you need to be concerned about tiny doses of environmental chemicals like BPA

 NOTE: this article is extracted directly from: “Key UCSF Medical School Committee Approves Stealth Syndromes Study.” (Caution: 110 footnotes ahead)     INTRODUCTION   The human health effects of low-level concentrations of certain Chemicals of Emerging Concern (CECs) has stirred immense controversy between traditional toxicologists and a more recent, emerging body of scientists grounded in […]

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