How Stealth Corporate Influence Corrupts Science

The Stealth Syndromes project relies primarily on original source information that the two founders gather from peer-reviewed scientific publications or from their own research.

We do not usually rely on articles in the popular media because they tend to be incomplete, flawed, badly sourced, and (all too often) biased in obvious ways.

The following piece, however, is an exception: Hidden Source Of Industry Influence Threatens Toxic Chemical Regulations.

The article, by Seattle science writer Lynne Peeples, shows “how corporate money is frequently funneled into researchers’ pockets — a move often undisclosed to the public or even to fellow scientists — had been inspired by a growing number of real-life occurrences.”

Peeples’ article fits perfectly with the details that Stealth Syndromes exposed in the three-part-series, Toxic Science: Fiddling Facts For Profit & Legal Leverage.

While our articles focused on the intimate details of how a corporation can create bogus science and get away with it, Peeples shows us how broad the dishonesty is.

Her article is worth your time.

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