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Diabetes drug found in freshwater is a potential endocrine disruptor What Do We Really Know About Roundup Weed Killer? Weed Killer In Round Up: Long Cleared, Now Doubted Major publisher retracts 43 scientific papers amid wider fake peer-review scandal The hotly contested link between science denial and conspiracy theories Study Links Widely Used Pesticides to […]

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Driving Innovation: How Stronger Laws Pull Safer Chemicals into the Market

The following is excerpted from PUBLIC HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT: DRIVING INNOVATION: HOW STRONGER LAWS PULL SAFER CHEMICALS INTO THE MARKET and makes a solid case that chemical industry rants against protecting the general public are false. People OR Profits? “A common refrain by the regulated (or soon-to-be regulated) industry is that stricter laws over […]

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How Stealth Corporate Influence Corrupts Science

The Stealth Syndromes project relies primarily on original source information that the two founders gather from peer-reviewed scientific publications or from their own research. We do not usually rely on articles in the popular media because they tend to be incomplete, flawed, badly sourced, and (all too often) biased in obvious ways. The following piece, […]

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