This is the part about how you kill Grandma … and your co-workers, friends, grocery clerks, medical workers, police, fire fighters, other first responders …

People who ignore personal distancing and Shelter-In-Place orders need to get over the notion it’s all about THEM.

This is about a Chicago family who tragically learned that lesson the hard way.

First of all, it’s vital to keep in mind that a large percentage of people infected by COVID-19 do not show symptoms. Some estimates are as high as 50% to 78%. These people are known as “silent spreaders.” This article from the Wall Street Journal is a good background read.

It’s unknown so far how many people can be infected by a single silent spreader.

A CDC study using contract tracing in Chicago indicated that one silent spreader infected 16 people who attended a family funeral. Three of those subsequently died.

Note:This is part of an update to my March 20 article. How 2 Billion pennies explain why social distancing is so vital to defeating COVID-19. T

hat article has a lot more information how one or two exposures can grow into a tidal wave.

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