Bisphenol A (BPA) Pre-checks ALL 10 Numbers on your “Winning” Cancer Powerball ticket

Bisphenol A can give you an instant “win” because it can check off all 10 Cancer Powerball numbers PLUS it hinders the effectiveness of cancer treatment drugs/chemotherapy.

This article is one of a new series to help intelligent non-scientists understand the confusing probabilities of how chemicals, genetics, radiation and other factors can cause cancer.
It’s vital to understand that just because BPA (Bisphenol A) can trigger 10 factors present at the same time doesn’t mean a cancer will inevitably develop.
However it does mean that BPA primes all the conditions necessary for a cancer to occur.
Read this  — and the other articles below — for a deeper understanding.

NOTE: Recent and representative examples of published, peer-reviewed scientific papers showing how BPA triggers the various Hallmarks are linked below, and categorized by which of the Hallmarks of Cancer they trigger. Because there are so many studies, we have selected a representative sample, usually from 2015 or newer.
Many papers also examine more than one Hallmark and appear more than once.
In addition, the search turned up links that involve anti-cancer therapies designed to target one or more Hallmarks of Cancer, thus offering further scientific credibility of addressing Hallmarks as indicators of carcinogenesis.
Those anti-therapeutic characteristics of BPA are topics that the Stealth Syndromes project has addressed previously:

01 – Bisphenol uncontrolled cell growth proliferation

02 – Bisphenol evading cell growth control

03 – Bisphenol apoptosis cell death

04- Bisphenol cell immortality

  • Disruptive chemicals, senescence and immortality

05 – Bisphenol angiogenesis

 06 – Bisphenol inflammation

07 – Bisphenol cancer cellular metabolism

08 – Bisphenol immune evasion

09 – Bisphenol genetic instability

10 – Bisphenol migration invasion, metastasis

10A – A subcategory about epithelial mesenchymal/transition (cell transformation)

Examples of table excerpts (Right click on tables, below, to view larger images)

From: Disruptive environmental chemicals and cellular mechanisms that confer resistance to cell death

From: Mechanisms of environmental chemicals that enable the cancer hallmark of evasion of growth suppression

From: Disruptive environmental chemicals and cellular mechanisms that confer resistance to cell death

Pharmaceutical confirmation: Looking for a cure by addressing specific Cancer Powerball numbers (Hallmarks)

Additional Sources:

A paper worth extra attention


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