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Low-Dose BPA Paper in Toxicological Sciences Fatally Flawed & Must Be Retracted. Also Raises Doubts About Integrity Of Federal Lab Animal Facility

By Lewis Perdue and Rebecca L. Yeamans (Corresponding author: NOTE: An earlier version of this paper originally appeared on on Feb., 24, 2014. This version is enormously expanded to address peer-review suggestions from multiple prominent researchers. Those who helped improve this paper who wish to remain un-named because the direct and un-nuanced data […]

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Bad Science Thrives When Corporations & Government Regulators Deny Peer Review

Part 3 of a 4-Part Series View Part 1 here: What is Peer Review And How It Can Go Wrong? View Part 2 here: Peer Review, Reproducibility: How To Separate Good Science From Sketchy Tales View Part 4 here: Private Science For Hire: Poster Children For Un-trustworthy Science One massive, gaping hole in American scientific […]

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Why Is “Estrogenic Action” Important?

The term “estrogenic” refers to hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA and other chemicals from plastics, pesticides and other sources that can affect the health of both men and women in ways that are similar to estrogen. Most hormone disruptors exhibit estrogenic action. The Endocrine Society ( — the world’s oldest and largest organization for doctors […]

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