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Peer-reviewed evidence of endocrine disruptor risks

Heat Shock Protein Hsp27 points to causal link between BPA and cancer & chemotherapy resistance

NOTE: This is a case study using a new precision paradigm on how to assess risks of environmental chemicals by reliance on the pharmaceutical development process and its science. More about that new paradigm at: Precision evaluation of environmental chemical risk assessment The development of a cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy has become a disheartening and […]

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Precision evaluation of environmental chemical risk assessment: Using existing pharmaceutical evaluation results as a more accurate paradigm

The PharmBlocker: A new paradigm in assessing the risks of environmental chemicals PharmBlocker: An environmental chemical which acts on the identical cellular process as a pharmaceutical, but in a manner that decreases the effectiveness of the drug therapy. In plain words: If a substance is causal enough to investigate as a pharmaceutical, then it is […]

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Original Sources: 84,000 Legal Chemicals. Fewer Than 200 Tested. Only 5 Ever Banned. Here’s Where Those Numbers Come From

The U.S. government allows more than 84,000 chemical compounds of unknown toxicity to be legally used in food, beverages, packaging, clothing, fabrics, personal care products, cosmetics — in any part of your environment including the air, water, or soil. Unattributed variations of that number  — usually ranging from 60,000 to 80,000 — seem illogical and […]

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