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As terrible as those plastic-polluted ocean photos are, your body is a SERIOUSLY more contaminated by the same chemical garbage

You are the ocean. You are — on average — about 65% water. Your blood vessels flow with a saline solution with chemical properties that ares eerily similar to sea water. Your heart imitates the cadence of waves on a beach — a sound many people find comforting, especially those that keep time with a […]

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Why “BPA Free” is a meaningless marketing scam (And some plastic safety claims are totally dishonest)

BPA-Free Isn’t Always Better: The dangers of BPS, a BPA substitute BPA substitutes may be just as bad as the popular consumer plastic Chemical in BPA-Free Products Linked to Irregular Heartbeats New research shows that BPA-free plastic might still be harmful BPS, a popular substitute for BPA in consumer products, may not be safer New […]

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